Energy Management Consulting, LLC (EMCx) is a small engineering cunsultating firm, offering Building Systems Commissioning, Energy Management, and other Asset Management related services. We are located in Greater Atlanta area, in the state of Georgia

Building Systems Commissioning

This service is at the core of our services: New Building Cx, Retro-Cx, Re-Cx...Learn more

Energy Assessment

With this service you will receive a snapshot of your building's energy use...Learn more

Facility Assessment

Our team will do a comprehensive assessment of all your facility's systems...Learn more

Energy Management

We help to optimize energy use, and provide strategy to maintain optimum performance...Learn more

Asset Management

Tools and processes to track your assets, from concept to decommissioning...Learn more

Energy Audit

ASHRAE Levels I, II, & III audits. From Low cost/no cost to large projects...Learn more

Why Choose Us

Integrity: Integrity can be defined as "the person you are when no one is looking." It is driven by strong convictions of who you are and why you do what you do. We at EMCx have reconciled with a reason, outside of ourselves, for doing what we do. A higher calling that drives us to be men and women of strong character and strong integrity.
Competence:. The field of engineering and construction tend to be wholistically a very technial one. The EMCx team recognizes the need for continual training and self development, in order to effectively handle the demands of the industry.
Honesty: Honesty is a forthright refusal to do anything that is morally wrong. We have already made the decision that EMCx will hold high moral standards akin to those laid out in the Christian bible.
Our commitment to quality is both internal, and external. Internally, we commission ourselves! There are Standard Operating Procedures in place to ensure that our team produces High Quality Servce evertime. Externally, our client satisfaction mandates ensure that the our clients receives only the highest standard of care.
The EMCx team will work hard to enhance the ability of our clients to realize the full potential value of the service they receive, before and after the contract is executed, thereby leading to Client Satisfaction and repeat business.

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