Project Profile

Police Headquarters - Birmingham, AL

Project Description

The Birmingham Police Department Central Headquarters is located on 1st Avenue in a building that was formerly the McKesson-Doster Northington Incorporated Wholesale Drugs building. It was built in 1928 and is 6 floors above ground and a basement level.

Energy Management Consulting was the CxA on the energy services contract between Trane and the Ciy of Birmingham. Services conducted by EMCx were:

  • Energy Baseline Prior Design and Construction
  • Consulting During Design and Construction
  • Installation Review During Construction
  • Pre-Functional Checklist Development and Delivery
  • Functional Performance Testing

Project Details

  • Client: City of Birmingham - Viktor Morris
  • Users: Birmingham Police Department
  • Cx Contractor: Smart Building Systems - Christopher Richard
  • Cx Sub-Contractor: Energy Management Consulting - Nigel Gray
  • General Contractor: Trane Inc. - Dan Shabo
  • Date Completed: July 2018