Project Profile

City Hall - Birmingham, AL

Project Description

The City of Birmingham's City Hall is an twelve-floor modern-style government building that houses several of the departments of the city. It was built in 1950 and consists of over half million square feet of livable spaces

Energy Management Consulting was the CxA on the energy services contract between Trane and the Ciy of Birmingham to upgrade the aging HVAC systems. Services conducted by EMCx were:

  • Energy Baseline Prior Design and Construction
  • Consulting During Design and Construction
  • Installation Review During Construction
  • Pre-Functional Checklist Development and Delivery
  • Functional Performance Testing

Project Details

  • Client: City of Birmingham - Viktor Morris
  • Users: Mayor's Office, City Council Chambers, and Several City Departments
  • Cx Contractor: Smart Building Systems - Christopher Richard
  • Cx Sub-Contractor: Energy Management Consulting - Nigel Gray
  • General Contractor: Trane Inc. - Dan Shabo
  • Date Completed: August 2018