Commissioning Is At The Core Of What We Do.

Building Systems Commissioning

EmCx Conducts Building Systems Commissioning in the greater Atlanta area. Our practice includes Retro-Commissioning, Recommissioning, and On-going Commissioning. We also conduct LEED® Fundamental & LEED® Enhanced Commissioning for projects pursuing certification with the USGBC.

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Facility Condition Assessment

Facility condition assessments allow facility managers to effectively manage assets financially and operationally. It provides a plan for when to repair and upgrade assets, allowing building managers to be proactive (which is less costly) rather than reactive. EmCx provides affordable facility condition assessment within the greater atlanta area.

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Energy Audit

Whether you are looking for low/no cost solutions, simple retrofits, or a long-term investment project, an energy audit is the first step toward reducing energy use and improving the performance of systems & facilities in your portfolio.

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Energy Management

Energy Management is defined as the strategy of adjusting and optimizing energy, using systems and procedures so as to reduce energy requirements per unit of output while holding constant or reducing total costs of producing the output from these systems. EmCx provides energy management consultation withing the greater atlanta area.

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More About Commissioning

Commissioning is an owner’s process to measure, verify, and document that new and/or existing buildings are designed, installed, operated and maintained according to the owner specified requirements. Commissioned buildings are more likely to perform as intended, which can reduce problems and possibly extend life cycle of the equipment. Commissioning can be applied in several ways depending on the specifics of the building/project.
Retrocommissioning (RCx) is a systematic process for identifying less-than-optimal performance in your facility's equipment, lighting and control systems and making the necessary adjustments to improve performance. While retrofitting involves replacing outdated equipment, RCx focuses on improving the efficiency of what's already in place. RCx seeks to use low/no cost measures to improve effenciency of systems but with a short simple payback lifecycle.
Recommissioning is another type of commissioning that occurs when a building that has already been commissioned undergoes another commissioning process. The decision to recommission may be triggered by a change in building use or ownership, the onset of operational problems, or some other need. Ideally, a plan for recommissioning is established as part of a new building's original commissioning process or an existing building's retrocommissioning process.

Competitive Advantage

Electronic Documentation

EMCx provides all of it's communications in electronic format. Meeting documents are provided before hand electronically and are sent to mobile devices during meetings. Printed documents can be provided at team member's request.

Open Communication

Commissioning meetings are convened on a recurring basis (usually monthly) where all aspects of the project within the commissioning scope is discussed. The Owners, designers, contractors, and in some cases the sub-contractors are invited to the commissioning meetings.

Project Management & Reporting

As a part of EMCx's process, all projects are managed using Microsoft Project and the team is kept up to date on completed and remaining tasks.

Industry Leading Software

Cx-Manager (currently in development) is EMCx's web application that is used to manage assets and to track and resolve Cx issues.

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